Building Type Alphabetical Chronological Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Head Quarter, New Delhi  
  Building Type - Offices
  Year - Ongoing
  The concept is based on three wings for offices, which enclose an atrium filled with light. The back-up operation monitor zone is located in a separate enclosure at the rear.

The top two floors are cantilevered to protect the lower floors from the south-west sunrays. The entrance allows dual access to the offices at upper level. The rear of the site has a service entrance.

The building has a logical and economical structural system based on four vertical cores and external peripheral shear walls of reinforced cement concrete, supporting floor slabs. The core walls contain circulation of lifts / staircase and toilet / service facilities. The perimeter of the structure is in the form of a vierendeel spanning between vertical concrete walls.

The extra sunshade of lightweight stainless steel (with sun reflecting surface) forms a protective girth around the north and south perimeter of the office complex. In other words there is an 'eyebrow' of lightweight metal on every floor providing sun protection. It will be noted that this would counter heat when the sun is at the highest altitude between 11 am to 3 pm. The external lattice which echoes the structural system also cuts down the glare.

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